• GRA0073


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Granville Silicone Grease Lubricant Water Oil Solvent Resistant Repellent 70g

Granville Silicone Grease is compounded from dimethyl polysiloxane fluid, the product has a broad temperature range and is chemically inert, being resistant to water (hot,cold, steam & brine), lubricating oils, most hydrocarbons & solvents, natural gas, refinery gases and many acidic solutions.

Granville Silicone Grease has been designed for the lubrication of cylinder slides, taps, valves & stopcocks. 

The product is suitable for use as a damping compound of high pressure and elevated temperature.

Excellent dielectric properties of the grease means the product can be used with high voltage electrical systems for lubricating non-conducting contacts, prevents corona discharge and for preventing flashover on high voltage anodes.


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